A nail lacquer line and its Absolute Care Base formulated with the maximum respect for nail health ensuring a professional and elegant result.

Absolute Care Vitamin Base

Reference: B.ACV 01

Multivitamin base coat for nails. This vitamin-enriched formula is made with 84% of natural origin ingredients and is free from aggressive agents such as formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates and toluene. A multivitamin mix which promotes nail growth and boosts keratin leaving nails healthier and more resistant. The transparent and outstandingly bright finish gives nails a natural and refined look.

Absolute Charm Nail Lacquer

References:  NL.AC 01/02/03/04

A nail lacquer line formulated with the maximum respect for nails’ health, ensuring a professional and elegant result. This flawless performance nail lacquer is made with the purest and finest raw materials. Vibrant colors, natural finish with long-lasting extraordinary shine. The smoothness of the texture allows for quick and effective application, providing a uniform, elegant and long-lasting effect.