Skin Care

For smooth and perfect skin texture, with active ingredient functions to improve skin homeostasis.

Cleansing Milk

Reference: KSF.CMOR

Proper cleansing is key to the health of our skin and is the essential step in the daily skincare routine. Thanks to the synergistic epigenetic action of the active ingredients contained in it, the cleansing milk re-balances the hydrolipid film and deeply moisturizes the skin that will become softer and velvety.

It regenerates cells and improves skin homeostasis.

Collagen Elastin Cream

Reference: KSF.CECOR

Epigenetic face cream with collagen and elastin, restructuring protein substances that give skin firmness and softness. It firms the skin and create the supportive lattice of the skin, essential for wrinkle prevention. Due to the pool of antioxidant ingredients, it protects the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. If used constantly, it has an excellent anti-aging effect. Improves skin quality in terms of thickness and purity.

Hyaluronic Serum

Reference: KSF.HSOR

The serum is an essential product in facial skin care. It is a concentrate of active ingredients able to visibly transform the appearance of the skin. It also promotes the penetration of the active ingredients by enhancing the action of daily skincare products.
ONE RADIANCE HYALURONIC SERUM is an epigenetic product based on hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights.

Expert Touch Primer

Reference: P.ET 01

Smooths and perfects skin texture. Ideal with Expert Touch Foundation. This professional make up base formulated with natural ingredients prepares the skin, enhances and evens out skin-tone keeping make up in place longer. It helps foundation go on easier and more evenly while eliminating excess shine to give a velvety matte finish. Ideal with Expert Touch Foundation, Kripa’s compact cream foundation.

K Beauty Glove

Reference: KB.GLOVE

The new daily treatment for your skin.

K Beauty Glove gives the face an actual beauty treatment. The black side, made from a select microfiber cloth, acts as delicate cleanser even without additional detergent. The white side gently exfoliates, thanks to the silver fibers with antibacterial properties. These fibers, woven with 100% silver covered filaments, release ions Ag+ capable of killing germs and bacteria.

Perfect Base Eye Primer

Reference: EP.PB 01

Professional eye primer formulated with natural and organic origin ingredients. Rich in active ingredients with moisturizing, protective and restorative properties, perfectly prepares the skin for a flawless eye make up.


Skin Frequency

References: KSF. A/H/L

Skin Frequency is a skin-care epigenetic line in which the active ingredient functions as a set of information that brings order and harmony to the cells and tissues, coordinating them and improving their biochemical characteristics. Through next-generation technology, water is transformed into 3 active ingredients which form the heart of the Skin Frequency formulas: KSF-H, KSF-A, KSF-L.

Skin Frequency Eye Mask

References: KSF.EMA/EML

Concentrated eye mask formulated with natural origin ingredients. It gives elasticity and firmness to the skin and is very effective in reducing skin laxity. Therefore, wrinkles are reduced in both length and depth. Its strong repairing properties effectively slow down the cellular ageing process, providing protection against the oxidative stress which we are exposed to every day and making it an excellent anti-reddening and healing agent.

Skin Frequency Face Mask

References: KSF.MH/MA/ML

Tissue face mask with a moisturizing action (H-Freq.), with a regenerating and anti-ageing action (A-Freq.) or with a lifting and anti-wrinkle action (L-Freq.).

Skin Frequency tissue masks are extremely effective and simple to use intensive treatments. The fabric is 100% pure vegetable cellulose, completely biodegradable. They are ideal as a specific treatment and to prepare the skin before applying the cream, serum or make-up.

Skin Frequency Lip Mask

Reference: KSF.LMVI

Concentrated lip mask formulated with active ingredients of natural origin. A specific and effective treatment, designed to respond to the main needs of the lip. It hydrates the lip, nourishes them and increases their volume. The lip will appear regenerated, softer and more beautiful.

Total Revive Primer

Reference: P.TR 02

Balances and perfects skin texture. Ideal with Total Revive Foundation. This professional make up base formulated with natural ingredients prepares the skin, enhances and evens out skin-tone keeping make up in place longer. It helps foundation go on easier and more evenly, deeply moisturizing the skin resulting in a silky feeling to the touch with a polished finish. Ideal with Total Revive Foundation, Kripa’s liquid foundation.